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Nicotine cause vascular contraction.

The youthful face of the continuing based on several factors including the subject of food. Exercise regularly. Sleep enough rest. It's a simple numbers. Who is to know. If compliance with this 3 youthfulness will partner with us is long. Regardless of age How many years will elapse. But! This page people age much older age. The drawings are not to incriminate But it is true that happened. Ever wonder why? Age youths, some less. But next to the fast When compare with classmate Because the stress state of children today is more enough. With adults? They may be shared But significant part of one's own eyes and values that is wrong about "Smoking" of a popular teenage smoking take smart! Skin doctors can tell who has no smoking, tobacco use fingerprints? Grip. Because of smoke from cigarettes minister will face the side to shrink the flag over to another section And tobacco smoke also cause pain to the eye blink of the eye so that the smokers will cross the line to make their faces wizened elder classmate not smoking since 20 years now both women found teenage male page to another much Because some teenagers have the wrong values. Turn to smoking to increase the attractiveness. Also found that the nightlife in service Abawl with tobacco smoke. Is the loss of health. Although smoking itself is not because the tobacco smoke floating in the air attack is not the smoking that smokers who have and those who receive tobacco smoke. Roy is a cross because of nicotine in cigarette smoke cause blood vessels to nourish the skin surface film shrinkage was less oxygen and nutrients than normal. At the same time the carbon dioxide is a waste of skin cells to accumulate in the cell. Makes skin cells grow and repair itself. Also, smoking is a serious enough threat to the skin. The sun burnt face. Dangers of smoking because they will make the muscles shrink brace. It occurs around the eye crease. The forehead and around the mouth. Make a yellow fingernail. Teeth have a brown stain, odor, mouth were destroyed personality. And cause blood vessels to clog. Gangrene of the hands and legs. Just see that? Cigarette smoke or even smoking. Can kill the beautiful sculpture of your age. Quit smoking today continue to call. Throw back a youthfulness.

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Smoking women into old age faster.

On October 18 of each year. World Health Organization set a day for elderly women worldwide (World Menopause Day).

Women's advocacy in the elderly is understanding the risks to health caused by a month after all. Preventive health in the future of elderly women is attributable to involve female hormones.

Elderly non-disease symptoms. But a change of the body naturally. Caused by ovarian stopped. No sex hormone production. No monthly Will have changed both body and mind. The symptoms of hot flashing breasts throat faces shake sweaty sleeplessness decreased sexual feelings.

But in women who smoke May be faster than the elderly women. Since smoking cause toxic solid, vascular, Send blood to treat a variety of organs. Including the ovary is not good. Cause ovarian atrophy Hormone production is less Are symptoms of old age faster.

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... Love pets very smoker two new hands.

Smoking is dangerous both to themselves and people around Hundred and love pets.
Pets at home because of it that secondhand smoking is the same man.
When pets take inhale tobacco smoke into the lungs to cause danger of them.
Make pets are concerned about the respiratory pathway and cancer.
The survey found that one group of smokers who inspire smokers to quit.
Because they know the dangers that could occur with very love their pets more than To consider their own health.

Experts say is be very concerned about people not smoking, but tobacco smoke inhaled by people around.

Which found that the risk of a heart attack suddenly increased.

But from this research indicate that even the lion can not force all day environment, quit smoking, but can stimulate people to realize the dangers of this smoking To people and pets with the very love. And may bring in quitting smoking.

Imagine your pet's look. The next time you wait in isolation. It is to be the best?

What if one day it must come in from you. Should a first time. You'll feel blue?
If your pet has it would you say that. "Stop Smoking Now."

Known carcinogens in cigarette smoke damage the brain.

Anyone knows that cigarettes do not. But there are many people smoking. Known carcinogens in cigarette smoke or NNK will cause the brain to be destroyed.

Of NNK in cigarette smoke are known carcinogens category one. This means that this type of substance is the cause of the occurrence of cancer. This type of travel change process will devour the nutrients the human body causing substance NNK to ignite the region possess a system of the brain, or microprocessor, Greg Lee, a mistake that abnormalities of the brain occurs.
Typically, microprocessor Gregory Lee waver Oil will destroy the abnormal in the brain. And good, but not destroyed when the cells of NNK Micro Gregory Lee made that mistake, caused brain cell abnormalities. Results are, Micro Greg Lee will to destroy brain cells and nerve cells that good.
So if your brain does not want to close and people were destroyed inadvertently. How to quit smoking is accept that the best option.

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Compound in cigarette smoke.

Smoking is a different compound.
4,000 species are known carcinogens minimum.
More than 42 species, some of which are significant hazards.

A substance that makes people be smoking. Supernatural ธื์ issued directly to the brain.
Catalyst and central sedation. If this message has been less like the size.
Smoking may stimulate the first 1-2 coil makes feel energetic, but if smoking
Too many rollers are central to the sedation. Make sense of slower
95% of nicotine is to capture the lungs The catch is that some membrane coating Rim ulcer.
Mouth and some has been absorbed into the bloodstream to affect directly to the hat.
Kidney, causing the pin highlighted, poured slowly (Epinephrine) cause blood pressure
Higher heart beating faster than usual and not measured Vascular arms and a leg.
Level of fat intake increased blood vessel in 1 cigarette nicotine coil is 0.8-1.8.
Mg (international standard values set 1 mg) and for smoking.
Cigarette butt, it does not help decrease nicotine volume.
Bituminous substances; Consists of many Island combined.
Of a brown substance that can cause cancer such as lung cancer, larynx
Bronchia bladder and kidney, esophagus, other 50% of
tar, to capture the lungs. Cause irritation as the cause of cough
Chronic smoking in a day pack Lungs are unguent, to approximately
30 mg / stick or 110 grams / year of smokingThai tar is between 12-24.
Mg / wad

Carbon monoxide
Gas is killing properties of oxygen lead.
Of erythrocyte Make red blood oxygen can not capture with the times.
With time. Cause symptoms of body cells lack oxygen will feel numb.
Dizziness, easily fatigued late decision boosted the heart must work harder.
And heart disease.
Hydrogen cyanide
A poison gas killing membrane bronchia earlier.
Cause of chronic cough. Sputum is regularly Especially in the wake.
Morning will be more
The nitrogen oxides.
A poison gas that destroyed the late membrane pad and air bag.
Make walls and puff some air bags inflate Small bag of wind in the lungs become a different bag.
Reducing the large surface area to capture and use of oxygen gas exchange.
Provide flexibility in and out of breath decrease. Symptoms of the disease and bulging bag of wind.
Inflation in most
Effect is tissue irritation. Bite bite eyes nose tube.
Wind and sputum inflammatory steam.
Campo picture of the radiation.
Substances in tobacco smoke have a post with 210 counterpart local radiation Alfa Group.
Cause the occurrence of lung cancer. And tobacco smoke is a serious means.
In radioactive substances. Make those around the smokers did not disappear.
Be a bane to take air into these.

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4 reasons to stop smoking have improved? Systems within the body.

1.Stop smoking with cancer of the respiratory pathway.
To reduce the risk of lung cancer in people who stop smoking. Found in both male
And women of all types of smoking and cigarette butt cigarette butt with no type.
Stop smoking to reduce morbidity to become cancerous in the first phase of Membrane pad throat, lung and larynx.
Stop smoking Risk of cancer of the throat and larynx.
Compared with the smokers.
Stop smoking to reduce the risk of lung cancer. When compared with those who remain.
Smoking. It found that after 10 years of stop smoking the risk of birth
Lung cancer will be equal to 30-50% of people still smoking and the risk
Continued to decline continuously after stopping smoking more than 10 years.
2.Stop smoking with the incidence of cardiovascular disease.
The risk of mouth cancer in the uterus decreased significantly to women quit smoking
Smoking when compared with those who continue smoking to stop smoking even though they're only 2-3 years.
This supports that smoking causes cancer of the uterus mouth.
Stop smoking after a period of 5 years the risk of cancer in the oral cavity
Esophagus and the beginning. Will halve Compared with smokers who have and continue to.
Risk continues to decrease after stopping smoking continuously over 5 years.
Stop smoking Reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer. When compared with the
Continue smoking. The reduction of this risk will be found after stopping smoking than 10 years.
3.Stop smoking with non-cancer respiratory pathway.
In those who have been diagnosed as a heart blood vessel disease constricted Stop smoking.
Reducing the chance of heart muscle death. And significant opportunities suddenly died down.
Research is very likely to find that died before the age should decrease
To 50%.
Stop smoking Reduce risk of heart disease narrow the blood vessel.
Male and female. In all age groups. When compared with those who continue smoking.
Risk of heart blood vessel disease narrow halve after stopping.
Smoking 1 full year and will continue to decline slowly. After smoking is stopped.
15-year risk of heart disease blood vessel to narrow as people who had never smoking
After the stop smoking reduce the chances of a blood vessel due to wind current.
Brain narrow and broken This risk will decrease as the never-smoking time.
5 years but in some time to stop smoking within 15 years the risk will decrease as the
With never smokers.
Stop smoking Reduce the risk of a narrow blood vessel of the other parts of
Body when compared with those who continue smoking.
Blood vessel disease in those who are narrow-leg Stop smoking makes the long walk.
Reduce the opportunity to cut legs. After surgery blood vessel And high survival rate.
4.Stop smoking and other types of lung disease.
In the symptoms of the disease is not air bag inflation nipple. Stop smoking makes
Better lung capacity of 5% within 2-3 months after quitting smoking.
Stop smoking to reduce phlegm cough reduce lower respiratory bruit And reduce infection of the respiratory pathway. Such as bronchitis and
Pneumonia compared with those who continue smoking.
In the stop smoking permanently. The death rate from disease bulging bag of wind blistered
Will decrease when compared with those who continue smoking.
Who stop smoking permanently. Rate atrophy of the lung down to the water and is
Degeneration that occurs in people who had never smokers.

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Easy to quit smoking.

How to quit the Choose a quit date with the meaning made immediately be decisive. Announcement to acknowledge for encouragement. Modify old behavior add sports. Disposable equipment, to quit smoking if hands are not to consult doctors for nicotine replacement. Reducing drug or nervousness The warm water helps drive of nicotine from the body faster.
Number of people who smoke have a 80 per cent wanting to quit smoking But starting only one quitting half. Approach to quitting smoking is the most resolute intention to quit immediately hands.
Let people know closer as husband and wife or other children so they know to be together. Parenthetic intentions to quit smoking in the more emphatic.
To date have important meanings such as birthdays Self Birthday child or wife. National Father's Day.
In addition to equipment required to keep smokers away from the eye. When will want to see no less.
Quitting after the first period 2-3 days to lose concentration testy impatience edgy not working because of lack of nicotine sleeplessness. Chemicals in cigarette smoke that cause Addictions However, within 7 days after the symptoms will decrease. The symptoms are more or less depending on that. Addictions Cigarette long? The number of smoking per day?
Avoid locations such as smoking flight theque Cafes and bars in the attempt to quit smoking.
Smoking behavior, if used to adjust immediately after eating breakfast. Change is something else to do instead. The exercise will help more.
If we quit smoking benefits. Penalty that has happened and what to emphasize that the self always. We need to quit smoking.
Consider that If we were smoking to be beneficial. Disadvantage?
Stop smoking is a health benefit. And as a result of the good.
To quit smoking as soon as both female and male. In every age group, whether patients with the disease.
From smoking, or not.
Who quit smoking. Longer than the age of smokers is still to by
To quit smoking before age 50 years will have the opportunity to pay only half of life who continue smoking.
When both 65 years old.
Stopping smoking reduces the chance of lung cancer risk. Cancer in other systems.
Infarct turn. Blood vessel in the brain suddenly narrow. Air bags inflate and distend the disease.
Other chronic lung disease.
That women stop smoking before pregnancy or between 3 - 4 months of
Pregnancy reduces the risk that customers will have the first birth weight less than normal.
Beneficial to health arising from the discontinuation of smoking is very Weight increased
This will increase on average about 2.3 kg.
To stop smoking When compared with those who continue smoking. Risk of
That death will decrease rapidly.